The Boards

The boards are constructed to ACA standards with one variation. We can inset the box under the board by 1 inch using 1x4 material, or build them flush with 2x4 studs. (The inset gives the boards a unique finish and makes for more competitive play because the boards cant hang on the sides as well as making them lighter for transportation.)

The face of the board is 2 foot by 4 foot and the material is determined by your budget. When designing the artwork for your boards, I get a feel for what you are passionate about and then create a design uniquely yours. No two layouts are ever exactly alike. I don't use vinyl, stickers are adhesives (unless you REALLY want them). All the artwork is either hand painted, airbrushed, or burned in.

The Bags

The bags also meet ACA standard size and weight. The 6 x 6 inch bags are sewn together duck cloth bags filled with quality corn feed. The corn feed breaks down and becomes a powder as the bags are used, the duck cloth is breathable and allows the powder to increase the slide action of the bags on the boards. The bags can be a solid color or one color one each side. To make the bags unique we embroider a matching logo on them, to mimic the board design. All of this will be discussed and approved before production begins.


Things we include that complete our sets:

  1. Lights: a ring light is under mounted around the hole of each board and runs off a batteries. (Great for night play).
  2. Rope and links: as well as a eyelet screw at the base of each box. This makes for easy distance marking during set up.
  3. Handles: the boards will include some sort of handle for ease of transportation.


Scoring Towers / Drink holders

You can find score towers online, but if ordered with me I will custome design the artwork to match your Boards and Bags.

Ask for details.....

Storage and Transportaion

We offer a zip up bag to house your complete set of boards and bags, or a smaller draw sting bag for just the corn hole bags and rope.